Spiritual Seekers Conference

Share your Spiritual Journey – February 2013 – Toronto.

Workshop Events

Friday’s Event – February 22nd

There will be an opening reception for all seekers who signup for the full weekend. Come get to know your fellow attendees, the presenters and organizers.
Details to be finalized.

Saturday’s Events – February 23rd

Talking with Spirit Workshop
All traditions have some way connecting directly with spirit. Prayer, divination, intuition, and meditation can all help. In this workshop you will be invited to explore how you relate to spirit. What kind of conversations do you need to have with spirit?  What kind of tools does your spirit prefer? You will also be invited to try a few tools that you can use anywhere and anytime to keep the communication flowing between you and your spirit.
Facilitated by Andrew McGregor

The Work that Reconnects
The Work That Reconnects is a body of practices and teachings by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy and her colleagues.  Its central purpose is to help us uncover and experience our innate connection with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers in the web of life, so that we may be enlivened and motivated to play our part in creating a sustainable civilization.  Through information and an experiential group activity, James will guide you to ground yourself in gratitude, honour your pain for these times, wonder about fresh perspectives, and commit to doable action on behalf of Life.  It’s not just a workshop, it’s a lifestyle.
Facilitated by James Wells

The Challenges Of The Ego On The Spiritual Path
Writers from Eckhart Tolle to Wayne Dyer, from Byron Katie to Doreen Virtue have educated us about the ego and its tricks for sowing discord and disconnection in our lives.

  • How can we understand the ego – and its constant, fearful attempts to frame other human beings as problems, threats, or even dangerous to our well being?
  • How can we practice conscious relationships when the ego is constantly urging us to avoid vulnerability, open-heartedness, and deep connection – with ourselves and others?
  • How do we move from understanding the ego…to putting it in its place in actual human interaction?

By sharing her own story of how she was guided to overcome not only egoic-living, but ultimately any fear of death, loss, or separation, Erin Bentley will share insights and strategies for helping us to understand and resolve the deep, egoic roots of day-to-day conflicts, power struggles, and disconnection
Facilitator Erin Bentley

Panel – Walking Multiple Paths
The Spiritual Seeker’s Conference will present a panel to discuss various aspects of multi-faithed,  eclectic,  spiritual paths. Perspectives will include those who may have had a long history with a particular tradition then moved on to embrace other paths,  as well as those  who integrate different traditions so to bring a more layered, though holistic approach to their practice(s). We would like to share ideas and ways in which we can respectfully combine observances, objects, symbols, images, and ritual, using an integrated and culturally informed approach.
Speakers include Andrew McGregor, Tina Petrova & Sabrina Scott

Bringing Magic to the Mundane
How to assimilate your spiritual practice into everyday living
Stop separating your magical practice from your everyday life and become an authentic and integrated person. Through discussion, exercises and handouts, you will see how to live a magical life whether doing laundry, going to pick up the dry cleaning or working a 9 – 5 job.
Facilitated by Monica Bodirsky

Evening Reception
A casual chance to mingle with other attendee’s. Share your experiences from the day. Have deeper conversations about what you have learned or experienced.
Details to follow.

Sunday’s Events

Living Oneness workshop
“We are being asked to evolve now. Every experience is a golden gem teaching wisdom leading us to live the One Presence.” Awakening to who we are and living our authentic life is what we are meant to do on this earth. This workshop gives us a chance to examine our experiences that are blocking our ability to experience the depth of who we are. How can I let go of stuck emotions and break patterns that keep me from moving forward? How can I expand my life now to love what is? How can I tune into the Divine stream to be more creative in my everyday life? These and other relevant questions are explored through information, creative exercises and guided meditations, all of which are designed to encourage deep healing of your soul and reveal your authentic nature.
Facilitated by Chris Emmanuel

Panel – Psychic or Psychosis?
Differentiating between spiritual messages and potential mental health issues
Tell anyone you hear voices in your head and you may end up medicated or labeled delusional. Join us in a lively panel discussion about mental health concerns spiritual practitioners may have had when experiencing clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition and other abilities, and how they resolved these issues.
Panelists include Monica Bodirsky, Des Sagragao, and Anita Kuno.

Born in Joy, Live in Joy
We were all born in joy. It’s a statement that most people feel is a fundamental truth – if they don’t let their thinking get in the way, and because we were born in joy, it would logically follow that we would live in joy but this is a state that many find elusive. Many have glimpses of joy that t don’t seem to last long. I believe it is possible to be in joy all the time and that this is our natural state. This talk will cover how we can remember who we really are, our true nature and help participants wash away lifetimes of forgetting. Des will lead a short meditation that will assist participants experience their own joy and light.
Facilitated by Des Sagragao

Collective Wisdom Circle Gathering
Circle and Wisdom gatherings go back through the ages and are utilized in many spiritual communities. We are excited to be ending our 2013 Seeking Spirituality Conference by coming together to share in a Collective Wisdom Circle journey. Together we will ground in our inner knowing, reflect on the tools and learnings we are taking away from the conference and will share our journey with each other in small Wisdom Circles. You will be guided through a self reflective and contemplative practice before we move into the teachings and experience of Wisdom Circles. It is our hope that you will leave deeply connected to your own wisdom and inspired by the many stories that reflect your own journey in the room.
Facilitated by Tammy Neilson

If you would like a detailed itinerary you can find it here. 


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February 22nd to 24th, 2013 To be held at Wonderworks 79a Harbord Street in Toronto
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