Spiritual Seekers Conference

Share your Spiritual Journey – February 2013 – Toronto.

Presenter’s Bios

Andrew McGregor 

Andrew is an artist, author, santero, toronto based tarot reader and teacher through his store in Toronto called The Hermit’s Lamp. He has been working with spirit since he was a child learning how to hear it’s whispers and build clearer communication. His work focuses on helping people get clear about what they want and how to take steps to make it happen.

James Wells 

James is a Toronto-based motivational listener, consultant, teacher, and facilitator who is dedicated to merging soul and strategy.  From childhood, he has been curious about what makes people and the Universe tick.  Through tools and processes such as circle methodology, tarot, reiki, and journal writing, James and his clients and students are inspired to remember their creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.  Whether at home or abroad, whether in personal sessions or in workshop settings, he provides an experience of council mind.  In his “me time”, James enjoys reading, writing, music, walking, close friends, and good food.

Erin Bentley

Erin Bentley, MA, PhD (candidate) is an intuitive, life coach, and spiritual teacher to sold-out workshops in Toronto, Ontario. She is also a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, and BodyTalk practitioner. With over 20 years of teaching experience, her workshops, coaching programs, and retreats are designed for spiritually-oriented individuals, holistic practitioners, and energetically sensitive folks who want to leverage their deep yearning for life-change into epic self-transformation! For over six years, Erin has been coaching clients, workshop participants, and retreat attendees to move from wounded to open-hearted, from separation to belonging. By helping clients move through old pain and fear, Erin assists individuals and couples to go from conflict to connection so that they can stop feeling stuck, broken, or shut down. In this way, Erin helps clients to recover the clarity, freedom, and confidence to fulfill the promise of their relationships, their work, and their life purpose.

Rochelle Holt – Coming Soon

Monica Bodirsky

Monica Bodirsky is an artist, educator and human rights activist who doesn’t mind being called a witch. She has been practicing folk magic and reading tarot for many years, and, when she isn’t too busy, enjoys playing the dumbek.

Chris Emmanuel

Facilitator: Oneness Teacher, Chris Emmanuel is an Artist and Author of several books on emotional healing and Self-help. Chris is an inspirational speaker and leads programs and retreats engaging writing and art as a spiritual practice and a tool for conscious evolution. His forthcoming book, Oneness Gems, will be published late 2012. Web:

Anita Kuno
Anita Kuno lives in Haliburton, Ontario where she was raised. She went to school in Kingston, graduating with degrees in Physical and Health Education and Dramatic Arts. She has studied art, pottery, photography, painting, astrology, linux, bash, ruby & python.

A certified acupuncturist and reflexologist, Anita has used sound and energy to help clients with concerns through her many years of practice. Currently Anita is offering listening services as a compliment to her Astrology writing and consultation. Black Moon Lilith has played a large role in her life in the recent year and she has developed an appreciation around Lilith’s gifts and how to use them wisely.

Des Sagragao – Coming Soon

Tammy Neilson

Tammy is a spirited entrepreneur with a visionary heart. As a dynamic community facilitator and animator she is driven to honour the deep wisdom and resources that lie within our leaders today. In her own journey as a leader, she continues to struggle with living her own truth and not in getting lost in the urgency around the needs that exists within the work. Tammy inherently believes that the answers to our burning questions, and the hunger to evolve and grow, live within our own knowing. Tammy celebrates her 20 years in practice within Creating Realities
 by to life a new vision of re-engaging the ritual and ancient power of circles. She is committed to shifting our collective consciousness to being more present and open to embracing wholehearted leadership and is calling in the Collective Wisdom of
c ommunity. She invites you to join her on this new path and journey shifting how we walk in our work and worlds together!

Tina Petrova
Tina Petrova is an ordained Interfaith minister. Growing up devout Catholic in rural Northern Ontario, she spent her formative years exploring many diverse spiritual paths. From being adopted by a Seneca Indian grandmother who was a renowned author and activist, to sitting within a small circle surrounding HHS The Dalai Lama in Berkeley in the mid 90’s, to living as a resident at a US Hindu Ashram, the many paths she was initiated into and immersed herself with deep reverence and respect, ultimately led her to the Mystical path of Sufism in 1997.
Blessed to have intimate encounters with living spiritual Masters as well as working energetically with those already on the other side, brought Tina to a Path which likes to name endearingly : The Path of Love.


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Andrew McGregor of The Hermit's Lamp Rochelle Holt of Wonder Works Monica Bodirsky of Hedgewitchery

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Conference Details

February 22nd to 24th, 2013 To be held at Wonderworks 79a Harbord Street in Toronto
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