Spiritual Seekers Conference

Share your Spiritual Journey – February 2013 – Toronto.

We are looking for Panelists and Presenters – Closed

Spiritual Seekers Conference February 22-24, 2013
The Spiritual Seeker’s Conference was conceived as an event to help share. Share in community. Share our experiences with practitioners from a wide range of traditions. Share in learning and growing as a spiritual seeker so we may more deeply embody our path. This weekend long symposium will consist of 6 workshops and 4 panels as well as several social events.

We are looking for 2 presenters to run workshops.

What have you learned over the years, or perhaps the hard way, that some great advice could have helped you with? What are the universal truths of your journey that you can share with others? We are looking for presenters to lead the participants towards a greater understanding of their own path. Workshops already planned include; Talking with Spirit, Magic, The work that Reconnects, Dealing with your Ego. What do you have to add?

Respectfully, we are not looking for people to proselytize for their particular path or advertise for recruits. We are also not looking for people to sell themselves and their services. Please send us a description of the workshop you would like to offer, 250-500 words, and a relevant bio. Please be transparent with us and inform us of any websites, groups or business you run. Make sure you include how to get in contact with you.

Talking with Spirit Workshop
All traditions have some way connecting directly with spirit. Prayer, divination, intuition, and meditation can all help. In this workshop you will be invited to explore how you relate to spirit. What kind of conversations do you need to have with spirit?  What kind of tools does your spirit prefer? You will also be invited to try a few tools that you can use anywhere and anytime to keep the communication flowing between you and your spirit.
Facilitated by Andrew McGregor

Bringing Magic to the Mundane
How to assimilate your spiritual practice into everyday living
Stop separating your magical practice from your everyday life and become an authentic and integrated person. Through discussion, exercises and handouts, you will see how to live a magical life whether doing laundry, going to pick up the dry cleaning or working a 9 – 5 job.
Facilitated by Monica Bodirsky

A Workshop/Talk On The Challenges Of The Ego On The Spiritual Path
The Spiritual Seekers Conference would like to offer a workshop/talk that will speak to the ways in which we may be challenged by ego as we move along our spiritual journey. Notions of ‘identity’ and ‘self’ are to be discussed, and moreover in a way to offer support. The talk/workshop may offer guidance to seekers on getting in touch with their own sense of the divine within and without.   Essentially asking; ‘How can we let go, in order to forward?  How can we come into our wisdom?
Facilitator TBA

The Work that Reconnects
The Work That Reconnects is a body of practices and teachings by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy and her colleagues.  Its central purpose is to help us uncover and experience our innate connection with each other and with the systemic, self-healing powers in the web of life, so that we may be enlivened and motivated to play our part in creating a sustainable civilization.  Through information and an experiential group activity, James will guide you to ground yourself in gratitude, honour your pain for these times, wonder about fresh perspectives, and commit to doable action on behalf of Life.  It’s not just a workshop, it’s a lifestyle.
Facilitated by James Wells

We are looking for a variety of people to speak on panels.

Do you have a depth of experience and perspective on a panel topic? Would you add a unique voice? Please tell us which panel(s) you would like to be on and why (250 words only please). Please include a relevant bio. Please be transparent with us and inform us of any websites, groups or business you run. Make sure you include how to get in contact with you.  Include your contact information including phone number.The panel topics are:

Diversity and Accessibility
The spiritual world is not free from it’s challenges and imbalances. Gender, race, class, disabilities, orientation, age, and more can be overlooked, under-considered, or used as excuses to exclude people from participation in spiritual paths and groups. How can the leaders of spiritual communities remove barriers and promote diversity? What do seekers who feel marginalized or run into barriers need to know in order to find their way and advocate for themselves. We are looking for social changers to share their vision, experience and help everyone create a more inclusive vision of spirituality in Toronto and the world.

Teachers/Students/Solo Panel
We are social beings. Our relationship to others can greatly help or hinder our journey. What are the benefits of having a teacher, of being in a group, or of going solo? What challenges can our choices to work with others or go it alone bring? We are looking for panelists to help others navigate the pros and cons of working with others. How can people get the most out of their choices?

Psychic or Psychosis?
Differentiating between spiritual messages and potential mental health issues
Tell anyone you hear voices in your head and you may end up medicated or labeled delusional. Join us in a lively panel discussion about mental health concerns spiritual practitioners may have had when experiencing clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition and other abilities, and how they resolved these issues.

Conference Panel: Walking Multiple Paths
The Spiritual Seeker’s Conference will present a panel to discuss various aspects of multi-faithed,  eclectic,  spiritual paths. Perspectives will include those who may have had a long history with a particular tradition then moved on to embrace other paths,  as well as those  who integrate different traditions so to bring a more layered, though holistic approach to their practice(s). We would like to share ideas and ways in which we can respectfully combine observances, objects, symbols, images, and ritual, using an integrated and culturally informed approach.

All presenters and panelists will be paid an honourarium.

Please send your application to the the conference team


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